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Now there are two!  The good Lord has blessed us with the gift of another baby girl, Sofia Renee Carolla.  We are so happy to share pictures of Emma and Sofia here.  Enjoy!


Sofia rolls over onto her belly, then cries about it.


Emma was playing with Sofia, who drooled a bit, Emma was overheard saying she got "Sofia stuff" on her.

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Emma meets a Camel

Emma makes a tree bloom

Queen of the backyard set

Emma's pink toes and fingers, oo la la!

Sunday Dinner at Nana's house

Chillin' out with da' bunnies

Sofia dreaming of...her next bottle

Hot tub for one

There's that smile!

Trampoline Fun!

More Pictures

Sister time

Sister time

Snooze time

Snooze time

Baby plays


Sofia Plays

Pool Fun!

July 4th at Payette Lake

Gotta be safe!

Hey that water looks nice!

No! I changed my mind!

No lake for Sofia, just the sink!

Vacationing Cousins!