Mom (Carolyn)
Dad (Tony)

Emma's Current Stats!
Age 2 years
Weight 28 lb
Height 2 feet 10 inches!
Just Got 2 year molars! All four! AT ONCE! OUCH!
New Phrases I dood it!
I want do again!

and of course, the ever popular
Likes to Go for morning walks with Mom and Dad
Loves to Swing, swim, slide and run!
Doesn't like to Slow down!
Favorite Toys Books, puzzles, baby dolls
Favorite Show Anything with music--she's a dancer!

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We continue to be amazed by our beautiful Emma every day.
She is growing into the sweetest little girl, full of laughter and life!

Emma Has A
Very Special Announcement...

OH BABY!!!! I'm going to be a BIG SISTER!!!!! The Carolla family can't wait! We'll have a new little one to love in March 2008!!!!

Here is our 11 week ultrasound! Right now baby Carolla is about the
size of a peach and apparently quite a good swimmer! Lots of activity
going on in there at this appointment!
We would love it if all our family and friends would keep us in their
thoughts and prayers over the next 6 months!
We will keep you all updated on Baby Carolla #2's progress!

Emma with Shanna and Tony...
So hard to say goodbye

Saying see you later to
Shanna, Pierce, Broderick and Brooke

Goodbye party at Lynette
and Rick's house

Hanging out in Lynette
and Rick's backyard


The car was packed!

Finally we made it to Idaho!

Emma Turns Two!

Emma's Tea for Two Teapot
birthday cake - made by Mommy!

The Carolla's 2007 Teapot party!

Cousin Camille shows Emma
all about strollers!

Emma's not sure
about the hat deal

Help Me Mom!


More Presents!

New wagon! Out
into the jungle!

Running around the
balloon time!

Still running, I'm 2 now!
I never get tired!

Takin' that baby for a walk!

Yay! Presents!

Thanks Nana! I LOVE it!


Emma's beautiful teapot
from her Aunt Di Di!

You can always talk Aunt Renee into a story!