Mom (Carolyn)
Dad (Tony)

Emma's Current Stats!
Age 23 Months
Weight 26 lb
Favorite Food Spaghetti
Favorite Dessert Still Ice Cream
Newest Talents Counting to Ten!
Loves to Swim in the Pool
for Hours!
Doesn't like to Get out of the Pool
Favorite Characters Elmo and Dora
Learned Words Boise

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We continue to be amazed by our beautiful Emma every day.
She is growing into the sweetest little girl, full of laughter and life!

Emma Plays Outside

Oooh! Oooh! They got me a slide!

I'm gonna like this!


I really got the hang of the slide now!

Look out below!

screeech! Quick Mama,
snap the picture!

Splish Splash!

Fun in the Pool


I'm gonna be late,
looks like a traffic jam!

Not a care in the world,
as it should be.

We're not moving yet,
and I lost a headlight!


Happy 4th of July!

Happy Daddy's Day,
all tuckered out from sliding!

Happy Mother's Day!

More Pics!

Giggle Bubbies!

Banging out some tunes with her buddy Pat

Daddy has big shoes to fill!

Emma loves her - Uncle Bob, Nana,
Aunt Marie, Aunt Carmen and Big Nana!

and her Aunt Sharon and Cousin Rochelle!

Hot salsa! Keeping
up with the big people!

Morning Walk

New Dora Bed

Whoa Horsie!