Mom (Carolyn)
Dad (Tony)

Emma's Current Stats!
Age 19 Months
Height 34 Inches
Weight 25 lb
Teeth 16
Favorite Food All Pastas, fruits and veggies
Favorite Dessert Still Ice Cream
New Phrases "One, Two, Veee"
"I Said NO!"
"More peeeese"
"tank you!"
Likes to Put on everyone's
shoes but her own
Loves to look at her books
Doesn't like to to have her face cleaned
Favorite Toy Dora doll
Newest talent Running
Told Daddy "Mama is busy"
Favorite show Wonder Pets
watched with Shanna

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We continue to be amazed by our beautiful Emma every day.
She is growing into the sweetest little girl, full of laughter and life!

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