Mom (Carolyn)
Dad (Tony)

Emma's Birthday Video!

Emma's Current Stats!
Age 14 Months
Height 32 Inches
Weight 23 lb
Teeth 14!
Favorite Toy Orange Kitty
Favorite Food Macaroni and Cheese!
Loves to Run her toy walker around the house... and around... and around!

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A year has passed and our little angel grew and grew!
We learned all about babies along the way, the diapers, the spitting up, the colds, coughs and teething!
Most of all - our first year with Emma was all about the love we have for her and all the love she gave back to us!


Emma Goes to the Beach!

Beach cuddles from Mommy

Walking with Daddy

Digging in the Sand!

Emma in all Her Splendor

First up close view of the surf

Havin' a beach snack with Mommy

Hmm, sand doesn't taste very good!

Bye Bye!

More Pics!

Doggies say arf arf arf!

HaHa! There went the whole roll!

Mmm, someone's gonna sleep good tonight!

Poor kitty, naptime is OVER!

Sometimes mashed taters are gonna happen!

We need a piano teacher already!