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Dad (Tony)

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  Emma's Current Stats!  
Age 1 Year
Height 31 Inches
Weight 22.6 lb
Teeth 10!

A year has passed and our little angel grew and grew!
We learned all about babies along the way, the diapers, the spitting up, the colds, coughs and teething!
Most of all - our first year with Emma was all about the love we have for her and all the love she gave back to us!

New Studio Pictures!

Emma's First Birthday!

Emma turns one!

It's my birth minute!

Emma's 1st Birthday Cake

Mommy says, Don't destroy it yet!

YUM! That is pretty tasty!

And fun to smoosh!

Like - reallllly tasty!

Whew! That was alot o'sugar!

Thanks Grandma Joan - I LOVE IT!

Playing with Peek A Zoo!

Heeey! I am goin' places now!

More Pictures!

Ta Dah! My Cool Stripey Pants!

Doin' a little shopping!

C'mon let's go play over there!

Still a tubby luvin' girl!

It's all the rage in baby hairdo's!