Mom (Carolyn)
Dad (Tony)

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Welcome to the web site of the Carolla family's new baby! Tony and Carolyn have been given the chance to raise one of God's children. See the pictures, hear the sounds, and read the anecdotes of two loving, but new parents.

Emma's 9 month pictures!

Emma the comedienne!

Ooh ooh ooh, I have
a joke to tell you!

A baby walks into a bar...
and orders milk!

I crack myself up

A Day at the Park

Gazing at the trees


Hanging' with Dad

Loving Mom on
her birthday!

Emma Meets Technology

Remote and phone
What else do you need?

She likes computers

My turn Daddy!

More Pictures!

Aunt Lora, you have
a beautiful nose!


Helping Daddy
around the house...

I love my bath!

I love my Nana!

Miss Static Hair!


Too tired for lunch...