Mom (Carolyn)
Dad (Tony)

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Welcome to the web site of the Carolla family's new baby! Tony and Carolyn have been given the chance to raise one of God's children. See the pictures, hear the sounds, and read the anecdotes of two loving, but new parents.

Emma Says Happy Easter!

Wearing her Mommy's
First Easter dress

Happy Easter!

Bunny slippers...
a MUST HAVE for Easter

Emma's Mealtime Antics!

Cheerio Time!

Longing for some Filet Mignon

No Photos Please!


Hi Kitty!

I love my Glow-Worm!

MMM, my chin tastes good!

Queen of the Castle!

Who's that in there?

More Adorable Shots

4 Teeth!

Gettin' Shoes!

Hanging with Daddy!

I'm gonna get the hang of this!

Love my blankie!

Oh the places they will go!

Shopping with Mommy!

Talk to your teething
ring BEFORE you bite it!