Mom (Carolyn)
Dad (Tony)

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Welcome to the web site of the Carolla family's new baby! Tony and Carolyn have been given the chance to raise one of God's children. See the pictures, hear the sounds, and read the anecdotes of two loving, but new parents.

Emma says,
Merry Christmas!

Emma wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Emma checks out
the turkey roaster

Are you sure I
can't have any?

Emma Turns Three Months Old!

Trick or Treat!

Emma dressed up for Halloween as a Ladybug!!!

These pictures have nothing to do with Halloween, but here they are anyways!

Our nightly bathing ritual

The Bath Video

Baby Emma Plays!

Her baby-ness on high plays more in her bouncer, and with her Teddy Bear

A video of a
little play session!

Emma Reads!

She seems to be taking to her play-books quite well!

But Wait!!! There's More!

Emma's Blanket
From Nana

Mother and Daughter

Presents from Aunt Cathy


Emma Nourishes