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-- A Baby Cries --

You might be wondering what our little baby sounds like. Well, here is a brief sample of Emma crying.

Archive #3

Emma Plays!

Emma enjoys her bouncer toys, her swing, and her Teddy Bear!

Emma Smiles!

Our little girl, when tickled a bit, and cooed at, will now smile back at us! There is no feeling sweeter than when she shapes her little mouth in a smile. Here are a few "Emma Smiles"!

Newborn Picture

The hospital sent Emma's official newborn picture!

Our little Angel!

We had a few pictures taken at a local studio, and although Emma chose that day to be a bit fussy, the pictures turned out great anyways! When we were taking one of the pictures, we had her posed, Mom had the bottle in her mouth, and Dad stood by with the burp cloth. As soon as the photographer was ready, Mom pulled the bottle out, Dad wiped her mouth and FLASH!.

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIts MORE PICTURES!!!

Enjoying Floor Gym

I Love Nana!

All the Work Aunties

With Auntie Kim

Riding With Dad

In Her Stroller

Proud Papa

Sleeping With Dad

Beautiful Baby

Another Bath

Yet Another Bath

"Who's this guy?"


"In Target" Feeding